Club Information

If your not sure who to contact, email and you will be contacted at our earliest convience in regards to any of your comments, questions, or concerns.

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Baraboo River Runners

David Dahlke (608) 963-6655

River Runners Website

 Join Baraboo River Runners Here

Baraboo River Runners Facebook


Merrimac Snowbusters

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Ted Walmer (608) 963-5509

Merrimac Snowbusters Facebook


white-mound-snow-kats.jpgWhite Mound 



Mike Demars

 (608) 415-7030


Reedsburg Snowmobilers

Jim Wittenberger

 (608) 235-5668

Reedsburg Snowmobilers Facebook


Rock Springs Snow Drifters

John Raupp (608) 963-1689

Blackhawk Trail Blazers

The Blackhawk Trail Blazers are currently managed by the Plain Hill-Crest Riders. Please contact them for information on the Trail Blazers.


Hilsboro Trailblazers

Tom Jindrick (608) 489-4455

Redstone Riders

Mittlesteadt Sports 

(608) 985-7118


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Winfield Wild Cats

Tammy Sobojinski

 (608) 963-8400

Wild Cats Website

Winfield Wild Cats Facebook


Honey Creek Snowmobile Club

Honey Creek.jpg

Rod Mielke

 (608) 643-8614

Honey Creek Snowmobile Club Facebook


Hillcrest Riders


Tim Lins (608) 220-6876

Plain Hillcrest Riders Facebook



Board Members


Willy Wayne 608-355-1979

Vice President

Justin Fingerhut


Craig Krueger

Trail Boss

Ross Johanning 


Groomer Coordinator

Steve Senger



Julie Lins -

Sauk County AWSC Director

Tim Lins 608-546-2030

Sauk County AWSC Executive Representative

Logan Brown

or - 608-434-5480


If contact information is not listed for the respective Board Member you wish to speak with please contact and your request will be forwarded appropiately.