Trail Status and Information

The Sauk County Snowmobile Trail System has two quadrants that open and close independantly.  Many variables affect the opening and closing of the trail systems.  Most importantly portions of the system need to have adequate amounts of snow for the quadrant(s) to remain open.

The official source of information for trail conditions of the Sauk County Snowmobile Trail System is the TRAIL CONDITION HOTLINE @ (608) 985-4SNO.

The majority of trails throughout the state of Wisconsin are established by volunteer club members on private lands through the generosity of land owners allowing permission for the trails to cross their property. Respect these individuals by staying on marked trails and protecting the environment.

Always ride with caution and be alert to changing environmental conditions that may affect trail conditions. At times, portions of the trail system may be closed for various reasons.  Remain of closed trails, they are simply closed for your safety.

If you find a section of trail hazardous or in need of attention contact your local club or an Executive Board memeber of the Association of Sauk County Snowmobile Clubs.

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